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EnergyQuants provides professional independent specialist advice to the financial and energy sector. With our advice we aim to bring practical knowledge and innovation to your company. We offer a variety of services including support to in-house model development and advice on managing risk in complex portfolios


Tools are there to help you make decisions within your company. We are specialized in creating tools for a variety of business purposes. We are used to the challenge to combine a simple interface with a potentially complex reality. Examples of models we created include valuation of complex contracts, portfolio management and price forecasting models. Most of the tools we have created use a combination of Matlab and Excel. We are familiar with other programming languages though. In recent projects we created tools for our customers combining C++, Mappoint and Excel, Delphi and Python.


During our professional career we have always enjoyed sharing knowledge with other people. At EnergyQuants we aim to do so by presenting workshops and courses. Also, we present our latest research at scientific seminars to receive feedback on the work and publish in academic journals.

Workshops from our side include risk management in the energy industry and valuation of energy derivatives. We are experienced in providing in-house equivalents of our workshops and are open to discuss the relevant topics within your company. Our approach is to show both cutting edge and proven concepts in combination with real life examples.

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