We regularly publish our work in leading academic and practitioner journals, and provide insights in our work in academic lectures and practical courses. Our published work includes the following articles.

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Gas Storage Valuation
  • Alexander Boogert and Denis Mazieres, 2011, A Radial Basis Function Approach to Gas Storage Valuation. Submitted.

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  • Alexander Boogert and Cyriel de Jong, 2011, Gas storage valuation using a multi-factor price process. Journal of Energy Markets. Vol 4 (4).

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  • Alexander Boogert and Cyriel de Jong, 2008, Gas storage valuation using a Monte Carlo method. Journal of Derivatives. Vol. 15 (3), p. 81-98.

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Power Plant Valuation
  • Henk Sjoerd Los, Cyriel de Jong & Hans van Dijken, 2009, Realistic Power Plant Valuations. How to Use Cointegrated Power & Fuel Prices. WorldPower, vol. 2009, p. 48-53.

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  • Cyriel de Jong, Henk Sjoerd Los, Dirk van Abbema & Hans van Dijken, 2010, The Value of Starting-Up The Power Plant. WorldPower, vol. 2010.

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Gas Portfolio Modelling
  • Gido Brouns and Alexander Boogert, 2007, Gas portfolio and transport optimization. Energy Risk, February 2007.

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Power Price Modelling
  • Alexander Boogert & Dominique Dupont, 2008, When Supply Meets Demand: The Case of Hourly Spot Electricity Prices. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 23(2), p. 389-398.

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  • Alexander Boogert and Dominique Dupont, 2005, On the effectiveness of the anti-gaming policy between the day-ahead and real-time electricity markets in the Netherlands. Energy Economics, vol. 27(5), p. 752-770.

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